DESCARPACK Disposable Surgical Mask 50 PCS/box (Bandage)


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Certification: FDA

Product Name: Disposable Surgical Mask 

Place of Origin: Brazil


Function:Prevent pneumonia, isolate virus, prevent infection

Product specification: 50 pieces / box

  • No woven 100% polypropylene produced through the process SMS (Spunbonded+Meltblown+Spunbonded);
  • Standards:50 Pieces/Box;
  • Male aluminium strip, coated with plastic.
  • Adjust the mask clip to the nose;
  • Adjust vertical and horizontal folds;
  • Discard in appropriate container after use.
  • Do not use the product if it is out of date of validity;
  • Before using the instructions for use to be read carefully;
  • Do not use the product if the packaging is damaged;
  • Single-use hospital medical product;
  • Prohibited reprocess;
  • Non-sterile product;

Packages containing the products must be stored and transported in temperature from 4 to 40.C, avoiding direct exposure to heat, light and humidity.The validity of the product is guaranteed as long as packaging remains complete, within the expiry date laid down in the labelling of the product.For this to happen, proper storage care and Transport is taken.

The Descarpack Triple Surgical Masks were developed for protection of health professionals, forming a physical barrier between the professional and the patient, minimizing possible contamination.Made of non-woven fabric have a triple layer, welded electronically by ultrasound, where the intermediate layer is composed of Meltblown which acts as a filter element, offering protection against particulates carrying micro-organisms.The Descarpack Triple Surgical Masks are for single use, with a paperclip nasal, for best adjustment to the nose and 3 horizontal folds that should be adjusted to the face. available in white and elastic models; or with cops.

The Descarpack Triple Surgical Masks were developed for protection of the health professional against airborne transmission pathologies by droplets and projection of bodily fluids that may reach the pathways respiratory. Designed to minimise contamination of the environment with respiratory secretions generated by the professional or patient.


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