【1000 PCS】HUADA Disposable Medical Protective Clothing Suit (Sterilization)


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Product Certification:CE Certified+FDA Certified

Product Descriptions: 

Composition of Product : Non-woven fabric is often used as its main raw material, and it is made by cutting and sewing the fabric. It isprovided in sterile state for single-use.
Intended Use :It is used for general isolation in the clinics , wards and test rooms of medical institutions, etc.

Main Performance:

1. Appearance
a)There is no obvious defect, stain, damage ,abnormal of foreign matter.
b) The sewing of the rubber band shall be uniform and firm, and the thread shall not be off liner or shall be free from skipped stitch. The end of the sewing thread shall be cut off. The density of the sewing thread shall not be less than 3 cm stitches per CM.
c)The sewn isolation grown shall be free from rough edage and unsewn part, etc.

2. breaking strength:
30<M≤40: ≥7N 
40<M≤50: ≥9N 
50<M≤60: ≥14N
60<M≤70: ≥18N 
70<M≤80: ≥22N 
80:≥26 N

3. water absorption rate :

M≤80: ≥700% M≥ 80:≥500%

4.Use Method :

Open the product package and then you can use it.

Precautions :
1.This product is provided for single use only.
2.After using the product, you shall dispose of it according to the requirements of hosipital or the environmental protection authority.
3.Storage Conditions :It shall be stored away from fire source and flammable materials , and in a cool, dry, ventilated , clean and
non-corrosive gas environment with a relative humidity not exceeding 80%.

Color : white+blue
Product Name: medical coveralls
Size: customized Size
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name:HUADA
Product Name:Disposable Medical Protective ClothingPackaging & Delivery 

Packaging Details :

1pc/bag, 50pcs/ctn, or as your requested.



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