【400 Boxes】PHARMOZY KN95 Disposable Civil Protective Mask 25PCS/Box


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MOQ:400 boxes(25 pcs/box)


【Standard】GB 2626-2006 / EN 149:2001+A1:2009


【Style】Hanging / Folding

【Breathing valve device】No

【Size】Box : 10cm *10cm *18cm Carton : 55cm*40cm *40cm

【Structure composition】Disposable Civil Protective Mask is mainly composed of mask part, nose strip and mask belt.

【Product Material】

1. Inner/Outer non-woven materials

2. Filter layer Melt-blown Nonwoven

3. Aluminum bridge

4. High quality mask belt


    It is mainly used in daily life when staying in high-risk environment for a short time, and it needs to isolate pollen, dust, filter particles and other occasions, and it is disposable. (this product shall not be used in fever clinic, isolation ward, operating room, isolation ICU, etc.)

    【Applicable Occasions & Groups】

    1. Residents living at home or scattered;

    2. People in the open air;

    3. Workers, children and students in well-ventilated places. 


    Forbidden for those who are allergic to non-woven / melt blown fabrics.



    【Directions of Usage】

    1. Face the face of the mask without nose strips:

    a. Place the nose strip over the mask, hold the mask with your hand and fix it on your face, and put the mask against your chin;

    b. Hang the tie on both ears;

    c. Place both hands and fingers in the middle of the nose strip, while pressing inward, move nails along the nose strip to both sides, until the nose strip is completely pressed into the shape of the nose;

    d. Only holding the nose strip of the mask with one hand may affect the tightness of the mask;

    2. After wearing the mask, avoid touching the mask to avoid reducing the protective effect; if the mask must be touched, wash hands thoroughly before and after touching.

    3. When removing the mask, try to avoid touching the outer part of the mask.

      【Product Features】

      1. The appearance of the mask shall be clean and in good shape, and there shall be no damage or stain on the surface;

      2. Filtration efficiency of non oil particles:≥95.0%

      3. Respiratory resistance: inspiratory resistance≤350Pa;expiratory resistance ≤250Pa

      4. The mask shall comply with thefollowing table.


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